Who We Are

We specialize in managing prescription programs to benefit the patients, pharmacies, and communities we serve.

Scriptcycle partners with pharmacies and other entities to manage prescription plans that are cost-effective, transparent, and focused on benefiting both patients and providers.

What We Do

  • Consumer-driven prescription savings programs

  • Advanced pricing solutions that adapt to market conditions, providing true value to patients and profits to pharmacies

  • Prescription processing & adjudication solutions

  • Transparent Prescription Benefit Management

At A Glance

Scriptcycle offers unparalleled flexibility for complete design, implementation, and processing of prescription savings programs, prescription benefit management plans, and more...

Patient - and pharmacy - focused prescription savings programs

Advanced, real time prescription pricing technology that seamlessly adjusts as market conditions change. Ensures pricing accuracy for pharmacies and cost savings for patients

Prescription processing and adjudication services

Latest proprietary processing platform designed for extraordinary flexibility and control

Partnerships are the key

The combination of our technology expertise and our understanding of the pharmacy industry helps our clients deliver better outcomes at lower costs and helps their patients get the best price for prescriptions

DiscountRx™ uses advanced technology to provide a national network of pharmacies with comprehensive, real-time prescription pricing and processing

  • Constant industry changes are driving consumers to find ways to reduce their out- of-pocket prescriptions costs.

  • Built-in prescription pricing logic designed to update price points as drug data & pharmaceutical wholesale prices change. Lower costs to patients; more current pricing for pharmacies.

CycleRx™ is our proprietary prescription processing and adjudication platform.

  • CycleRx™ offers comprehensive prescription processing and adjudication capabilities, utilizing the most current technologies available in the industry

  • High-availability processing platform

  • Proprietary prescription processing engine utilizing the latest cloud technologies available in the industry today

  • Flexible prescription plan design options, management tools, and analytical access

Plan Manager™ offers advanced access for plan management to accomplish unique business objectives and control of prescription benefit plans, including analytics to support plan design and decision making.

  • Traditional prescription processing platforms are overly complex and provide limited technology capabilities for managing plans.

  • Plan sponsors need access to intelligent and simple processing platforms that provide access and control for plan management.

  • Plan Manager™ provides the most comprehensive and flexible way to manage prescription benefit plans.

  • Features simple yet robust user interface access for management and analytical purposes.